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Dee Robinson is a poet. She celebrates the essence of relationships--not just between men and women, but the relationship we have with ourselves, the universe, and the elements that inhabit our world. She has the ability to allow us to feel as we hear and to experience as we listen. Dee is a free spirit who participates fully in the treasures of life. She is an artisan who uses words as her medium and our imagination as her canvas.  

Dee freelances as a speechwriter, ghost writer, editor, and is appropriately known as the "RightWriter". She began performing poetry publicly in 1993 as a member of Klub Kuumba, a poetry collective based in Atlanta. Dee's extraordinary talent has wooed audiences at a host of social events like the National Black Arts Festival, Borders Bookstore, the Public Broadcasting Stations' convention as well as readings throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area.  

Not only is this magnificent woman a performer of the spoken word, she is a vocal stylist whose melodic tone invigorates the spirit and cradles the heart. Dee's debut CD titled WomanFlower, features poetry at its best--a unique blend of sensual verses backed by a tantalizing and soft jazz/R&B mixture that excites the senses. Her melodic voice is enchanting, seductive and smooth...a delightful style she calls "speaksinging". The CD WomanFlower embodies a multitude of themes associated with love-romance, pleasure, sensuality, passion, and excitement. It's a collection of songs that counteract the negativity and lack of respect popularized in much of today's music.  

WomanFlower was originally intended for a mature-listening audience to appeal to that niche maraket craving for its voice to be expressed, however, the appeal of Dee's poetry transcends both age and gender lines because of a respect for love and the splendor it embodies. Dee explains, "I offer a more mature approach to love because I've lived it." What's the motivation behind Dee's craft? Simply put, she possesses a deep affection for life and love. "I profess to be no more or no less than what I am--a lover of words, a lover of life, a lover of love, a poet."  


Conscious Spoken Word

A unique, insightful, and provocative motivational approach to self-esteem presenting hypnotic music and conscious spoken word. 

Album Notes

Spoken word written by veteran spoken word artist Dee Robinson and music produced by Jae B Barnes for Word Warrior Records.

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or at your favorite online music stores: Amazon, iTunes, Padora and Spotify to name a few.

Woman Flower

About the Album

Spoken words of love and eroticism...


  1. WomanFlower

  2. Sensory Sojourn

  3. My Ultimate Man

  4. Lady Sax

  5. It's Right Here

  6. Slowrockers Groove

  7. Dark Showers

  8. White Grand Prix

  9. The Drum & The Rain

 10. Looking for Love

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or at your favorite online music stores: Amazon, iTunes, Padora and Spotify to name a few.