Let There Be Love

Summer 2017

The CD “Let There Be Love” promises to be an instant classic. As the title suggests, all the songs are intimate, revealing and heartfelt. The mood of some of the songs are deeply sentimental, particularly the ballads like "Let There Be Love", "Us" and "Questions". The emotional "Us" was produced by Lynell Boone and Michael Macon of Mista Monsta Productions. All three songs deftly speak of love’s longing for itself. 

In “Talk To Me Bass, Dee waxes metaphorically about her favorite instrument—the bass guitar. It’s as if she’s performing a confessional duet with the instrument. “Talk To Me Bass” is a remake of bassist/producer Frank McKinney’s Jazz Instrumental "Meditate on the Bass". This is her homage to the bass guitar.   

There are up tempo dance songs that will get you on the dance floor, but they, too, speak of love such as "Every Time", "Turn You On", and "With You", where she is joined by Jarvis Greene adding his flavor of ‘old school’ Soul. The sensational Sarah LeSol provided soaring background vocals on "Every Time". Saxophonists Ron Adwaters and Vincent Gordon made priceless contributions to the CD. Glen Trevillion provided critical support and guidance in song selection.  Studio support provided by Angie Mills' Block Studio.  Vince Hakim of Vanishing Tiger Mastering added the perfect sheen to several of the songs. And her fun-filled photo shoot was done by Roger Stephenson Photography.   

"Si Tu Crois" (If You Believe) is her first time performing a song in another language. A poem came to her as she was drifting off to sleep one night. She jumped out of bed, wrote it down, and sent it to her friend, Barbara Dubiel, who translated it into French for her. Within a few days, the song (produced by Frank McKinney) was completed and added to the CD.    

In a first-time collaboration with producer and guitarist par excellence Ulric Hodge, Dee demonstrates a Smooth Jazz feel. You can expect her to explore that style more in future endeavors. Ulric made her feel comfortable enough to sing whatever she felt to his music. When she first listened to his production, the hook line came immediately, and the song was completed in about 30 minutes. Dee said the music told her what to say, and "Something About You" was born.   

Dee revisited two spoken word pieces from her first CD "WomanFlower" with long-time musical collaborator Julius Jae B Barnes—"My Ultimate Man" and "White Grand Prix". Jae B restructured and updated both songs making one Jazzy and the other Neo Soul. Jae B also produced the title song "Let There Be Love" and another song that came to both of them simultaneously…One day as she was driving, she started singing lyrics that had come to her. She immediately pulled over and recorded a couple verses in her phone. Later that same day, Jae B told her that he had a track she needed to hear. The second she heard it, she knew the words that had come to her earlier that day were meant particularly for this music. The lyrics express how people can find clarity by turning on the light in others. That song became "Turn You On".   

With this album, Dee has added new dimensions to her musical offerings. But through it all, she doesn't veer far away from her signature style that is easily recognizable by her fans—smooth, classy, and timeless. That’s her spot. 

Smooth it is...

If you enjoy smooth vocals, mesmerizing lyrics, and enticing music, this CD is for you.  Arouse and be aroused...and let there be love.

Hear album now: https://deerobinson.hearnow.com/

Track Listing

1. Every Time  (4:33)  

2. Turn You On  (4:09)  

3. With You  (4:10)  

4. Let There Be Love  (4:39)  

5. Something About You  (4:15)  

6. My Ultimate Man  (4:04)  

7. White Grand Prix  (6:00)  

8. Questions  (4:10)  

9. Si Tu Crois  (3:58)  

10. Talk To Me Bass  (3:38)  

11. Us  (3:56)

The Producers

Dee Robinson

Julius "JaeB" Barnes

Ulrich "Rick" Hodge

Frank McKinney

Michael "Money Karlo" Macon

Lynell Boone