Grown & Sexy Lullabies

About This Album

Who says lullabies are just for kids? Dee Robinson's music represents seasoned sensuality catering to mature, sophisticated audiences. All her songs are about romantic love -- the beauty of it, the magic of it, and all its healing properties. It's delicious, enticing, and alluring music that you will enjoy in the bedroom or the dance floor.  This is music to love by...


  1.  Feels Good 

  2.  Candy Sweet 

  3.  Step to Me (feat. Jae B the Soul Man) 

  4.  I Like It 

  5.  Ooh Baby Baby 

  6.  Feel a Little Tired 

  7.  Wizard of Ahs 

  8.  Sometimes Right Now 

  9.  And Then I 

10.  Let Me Change Your Mind 

11.  What Can I Do for You? 

12.  I Like It Again (Bonus Track) [feat. Don Johnson]  

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Style, Mood & Feel

  • Dee Robinson's music has cross-cultural appeal among all genres, ages, races, and geographical boundaries. Her music has been sold all over the U.S., and in several countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Dee credits the appeal of her music to the way she frames the story to each of her songs. Her producer, Jae B Barnes, creates the music, presents it to Dee, and her words flow from it effortlessly, naturally, and organically. 

I Like It

Classy song that is great for steppin or romancing.

The Wizard of Ahs

Smooth, classy and timeless vocal style targeted toward the mature, sophisticated audience.

Step to Me

Smooth, classy, steppers music.   Dee Robinson and Jae B  collaborated on this hot steppers cut that is guaranteed to pack the floors. Ron Adwater spices up the track on alto sax.

Candy Sweet (Joe Smart Remix)

This remix' is a tastefully delicious dance tune. It makes you want to just release and let go!  Hot Remix by the world-famous Mr. Joe Smart! 

There Was a Time

Nice, smooth vintage soul song of life and love that comes straight from the heart. 

The Voyage / Black Pearls

About This Album

A fusion of musical genres featuring female voices that are smooth, sweet, sexy, strong and flavorful. The captivating performances are passionate, provocative and pleasing to the ear as they sing songs about the nuances of life & love. All the music was produced by Jae B Barnes and all the songs written by Dee. We selected individual female vocalists to perform each song based upon their genre.


  1. A Black Pearl Is

  2. Truly

  3. I Never Knew

  4. Sometimes Right Now

  5. Fine Lines 

  6. Sounds Like the Blues To Me 

  7. Summertime/Sweet Pearl of Summer

  8. Maybe This Time

  9. Black Pearl Strut

 10. It's Never Too Late 

 11. Sing a Prayer 

 12. Slowrocker's Groove

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